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For nearly a century, the Departmental Progressive Club (DPC) has stood as a beacon of tradition and progress. Founded in the 1920s amid the vibrant cultural and social changes in Alexandria, Virginia, and Washington, DC, DPC has cultivated a rich heritage of exclusivity, professionalism, and brotherhood. Our history is woven with the stories of influential figures and pivotal moments that have shaped our esteemed institution.

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Experience unparalleled benefits as a member of the Departmental Progressive Club. Our membership offers access to unique opportunities, cutting-edge facilities, and a vibrant community dedicated to excellence and innovation. Join us in shaping the next century of progress and tradition.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

Network of Professionals

Connect with industry leaders and professionals.

24-Hour Access to Facilities

Enjoy our facilities at any time, day or night, including a cigar lounge, bar, member lockers, and coworking space.

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Member Events

Attend exclusive events and enjoy discounts.

Heritage and Brotherhood

Be a part of nearly a century of heritage and camaraderie.

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Networking event

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DPC Alexandria


Conveniently Located in the Heart of Alexandria Situated just blocks away from key landmarks and accessible via major transit routes, our historic building offers the perfect blend of heritage and modernity for your events.

411 Gibbon St, Alexandria, VA 22314


Diverse Event Spaces

Interactive Conversation Spaces:

Designed for networking and discussions.

Fully-Equipped Bars:

Perfect for cocktail receptions.

Catering Kitchen:

Supporting catering needs for your events.

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